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SW_DTM (Softwel Digital Terrain Modeling) is a complete software package for Digital Terrain Modeling and Contouring, which is developed by SOFTWEL (P) Ltd.

This software features a user friendly interface for plotting survey points and generating contours at any specified interval. This software can also draw profile and cross section for any alignment at any user-defined scale.

Characteristics of this software are:

  • User friendly interface: SW_DTM provides a user friendly interface for plotting survey points, either manually or from data files/spreadsheets in true co-ordinates & elevation.
  • Contour generation: SW_DTM is capable of generating contours efficiently and accurately at any desired interval.
  • Feature and boundary lines: Feature lines can be added to ensure that contours go around details such as riverbanks or road boundaries as expected. Boundary lines for triangulation can also be added.
  • Contour Annotation: SW_DTM provides an easy to use dialog for single or multiple contour annotation.
  • Grids: SW_DTM can also be used for drawing grids in AutoCAD, with specified interval and text height.
  • Profile and cross section generation: SW_DTM can extract L-Profile and X-Section data from triangulated data points and also from drawings that contain contour information only, and plot at any required scale.