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DUDBC stands for the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction in Nepal. It is a government agency responsible for urban planning, development, and overseeing building construction in the country.

A building rate analysis typically refers to the process of evaluating and determining the construction cost of buildings in various regions of the country. This analysis takes into account factors such as building materials, labor costs, equipment expenses, and other associated costs to estimate the total cost of construction for different types of buildings.

Please note that specific building rates can vary depending on the location, type of building, quality of materials, and other factors. The DUDBC may periodically update its building rates to reflect changes in the construction industry and market conditions.

To obtain the most up-to-date and accurate building rate analysis information for Nepal, I recommend reaching out directly to the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction or consulting their official website. Additionally, local construction professionals and experts in Nepal may also provide valuable insights into the current building rates and cost estimation for various projects.